pn01.JPG (16968 bytes)Three new software versions have been released to enhance the operating performance and test menu of the Synchron CX and Synchron LX clinical chemistry analyzers.
     Software version 6.4 for Synchron CX systems and version 2.9 for Synchron LX systems update each respective instrument’s chemistry database. P-Amylase is now available in a bar-coded liquid reagent form with 30-day on-board stability. Salicylate is now offered as a liquid reagent in a larger 2×45 test configuration with 60-day on-board stability and 30-day calibration stability. Direct LDL Cholesterol is available as a liquid, ready-to-load, bar-coded 2×100 test kit with calibrator.
     A third software upgrade, version 2.2, updates the operating system of the LX systems. The software features reduced sample size for ISE chemistries, the ability to run open- and closed-sample containers on the same rack on the LX20 Pro, and the ability to set a maximum sample program age so ID numbers can be reused.
Beckman Coulter
Keywords: chemistry analyzer, software