Dako and Omnyx announce that they have entered into a three year agreement to develop clinical algorithms for digital pathology. The aim is to support pathologists in generating even more accurate, objective and reproducible diagnostic results.

Under the agreement, Dako will utilize its expertise in staining and image analysis to develop image analysis algorithms which will be incorporated into the Omnyx digital pathology platform as part of Omnyx’s overall strategy of providing pathologists with a comprehensive digital work environment.  The algorithms developed under the agreement will be specifically optimized for Dako’s breast cancer panel of immunohistochemical and in-situ hybridization tests.

“Digital pathology offers significant potential to improve the quality of cancer diagnosis by improving the consistency of test interpretation. The Omnyx/Dako partnership will help standardize the reagent-to-result process and enhance the ability of pathologists to interpret breast cancer tests,” says Mike Becich, vice chair of Pathology Informatics at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Immunohistochemical and in-situ hybridization tests are widely used by pathologists worldwide to help determine the diagnosis and prognosis and predict patients’ response to specific therapies for a large number of cancers, including breast cancer. Digital pathology is enabled by imaging systems and computer technology that allow for the digitization of glass slides and efficient management of the resulting image data. It enables pathologists to improve productivity by reviewing tissue sections without handling traditional glass slides and to interpret tissue-based test results more objectively with the help of image analysis algorithms. Digital pathology also holds tremendous potential for standardizing test interpretation and for improving accuracy in cancer diagnostics.

“Dako is committed to improving patient care by finding ways to further enhance the standards and accuracy in cancer diagnostics,” said Lars Holmkvist, CEO of Dako. “This agreement with Omnyx is another important step in the implementation of our strategy by joining forces with strong digital pathology partners. Digital pathology is important as it offers great potential to improve the quality of cancer diagnosis and care by helping standardize test interpretation to the benefit of pathologists and their patients.”

“Omnyx sees a future where algorithms help pathologists make better clinical decisions,” said Gene Cartwright, CEO of Omnyx. “Our partnership with Dako will allow us to provide reliable, high-performance IHC algorithms to clinicians who use Dako tests. Enabling algorithms within the context of a complete digital workflow environment provides pathologists with a powerful set of tools to improve both confidence and efficiency.”

Source: Dako and Omnyx