This company introduces the C14 to its family of digital cameras targeted at medical and scientific imaging professionals.
     The C14 sports FireWire for data and power transmission at a rate of 400Mbits/second — crucial for fast images. OHCI-compliance allows for plug and play of one camera into several computers in the lab. Both Macintosh and Windows are accommodated.
     The C14’s microscanning technology allows for resolutions up to 12.1 million uninterpolated pixels. Between each of 36 exposures, the 1.3 Mpix CCD array sensor is shifted half a pixel’s width — recording full RGB information of each pixel while eliminating the need for interpolation. The CCD sensor is cooled by a Peltier element and an additional fan allowing for unrivaled integration times between 0.154 msec and 600 sec.
Jenoptik Optik Systeme
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