pn01.jpg (13456 bytes)This company offers a line of E-Series ultraviolet hand lamps in 30 models so users can select the appropriate combination of UV wavelength, intensity, size and wattage for any particular application. The hand-held lamps are fitted for a broad range of uses, including chromatography, dermatology, bacterial identification, microbiology, gel electrophoresis, gradient sampling and general fluorescence analysis.
     E-series UV lamps have anodized aluminum housings and a specular aluminum reflector. All short and medium wave models feature a patented Longlife filter glass for higher initial UV transmission and resistance to solarization.
     The lamps are available in a choice of either filtered or unfiltered UV tubes, with or without a separate fitter assembly. Lamps with unfiltered tubes deliver the highest UV intensity and units with double tubes provide broader UV coverage than single-tube lamps. The rated life of the tubes is 6,000 hours.
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