Sysmex America Inc, Chicago, a leading diagnostic solutions company offering hematology, urinalysis, and flow cytometry testing technologies, has announced the availability of its first fully automated urine particle counter and digital imaging system, the UN-2000. By combining urine flow cytometry with digital imaging, the UN-2000 provides laboratories a highly standardized and more efficient process for urine sediment analysis, with less manual intervention time and greater accuracy. 

Using fluorescence flow cytometry, the UN-2000 reduces time-consuming hands-on review, delivering highly accurate particle quantitation and differentiation through walkaway loading, standardized criteria with high reproducibility, quantitative measurement, and automated validation. The UN-2000’s user-definable rule settings, intelligent data management with urine data manager (UDM), and high-quality images produced by a digital camera, give labs more control over their process and analysis. Skilled users can quickly and easily classify pathogenic cells, essentially eliminating the use of the microscope. 


Andy Hay, Sysmex America.

“Today’s laboratories are pressured to produce accurate, valid, and high-quality results that provide clinical value to the physician, all while meeting turnaround time expectations with less staff and tightened budgets,” says Andy Hay, chief operating officer of Sysmex America. “The UN-2000 meets the needs of today’s labs, with scalable automation and new levels of standardization, quality assurance, and workflow efficiency.” 

UN-2000 modularity and flexible configurations allow for increased throughput and simple, scalable options for upsizing and downsizing. In addition, the UN-2000 reduces the opportunity for clerical errors, lessens manual data entry, and decreases specimen-handling requirements. 

Available now in the United States and Canada, the UN-2000 offers simplified and consolidated quality control with the BeyondCare quality monitor. The first quality management system of its kind, the BeyondCare quality monitor streamlines the end-to-end process of running controls and reviewing results, leading to improved analyzer uptime. Red, yellow, and green color-coded alerts intuitively track and annotate quality control, simplifying compliance. Customers can access valuable peer-group analytics and lot-to-lot quality control management while taking the guesswork out of quality control management. The BeyondCare quality monitor will be standard on Sysmex UN series automated urinalysis analyzers available in the United States and Canada. 

For further information, visit Sysmex America.