Ventana Medical Systems Inc unveiled the Ventana iScan HT slide scanner prototype at the 2011 College of American Pathologists (CAP) annual meeting. The iScan HT slide scanner holds up to 360 slides. The new brightfield scanner incorporates cutting-edge focus, optical and slide-handling technologies, and will bring to market the highest-throughput digital pathology scanner.

Some of the scanners features include a dynamic focusing method that results in fast scan speeds producing high-quality images; a slide transport system that provides improved reliability and safe handling of slides; random access support by decoupling slide loading and slide scanning as well as an immediate STAT override feature; and worklist management, which improves laboratory workflow optimization.

Ventana provides a complete suite of digital pathology solutions including the iScan Coreo Au slide scanner, the VENTANA iScan HT slide scanner, and the Virtuoso workflow management software.

Source: Ventana Medical Systems Inc