The Actichrome Heparin (anti-fXa) amidolytic chromogenic assay is for the quantitative determination of both unfractioned and low molecular weight heparins in human plasma. Clinical data leading to 510(k) clearance was specifically generated from patients receiving enoxaprin. Results of a recent study have indicated that low molecular weight heparins, e.g., enoxaprin, may improve heart attack treatment. Other studies have also indicated advantages of this form of heparin over the standard unfractioned form. Availability of this new assay will support the needs of both medical laboratory scientists and researchers.
     The Actichrome Heparin assay features a convenient packaging design, with sufficient reagents to perform 100 separate tests by means of a semi-micro methodology. The assay has excellent reconstituted reagent stability, along with high correlation to established procedures, and excellent precision, sensitivity and specificity. Applications are available for a broad line of automated coagulation instruments.
     This company’s product line includes clinical assays for the detection of D-dimer, Lupus Anticoagulants (LAs), antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) and special coagulation disorders.
American Diagnostica
Keywords: coagulation, test kit