Cryostar cryogenic freezers are an alternative to liquid nitrogen vapor for the long-term storage of biological materials at cryogenic temperatures. Operating at temperatures of -140°C and -150°C, chest models in the Harris Cryostar range employ a single compressor refrigeration system. Uniform temperatures below the critical -130C glass transition temperature of water are maintained at all shelf levels to improve cell viability.
     All Cryostar functions are monitored with a standard microprocessor controller for preemptive monitoring of intermittent or chronic conditions affecting system performance, even when the freezer is unattended. The controller features intuitive data entry and display for easy operation and adjustable high and low alarm limits.
     Standard features on low-profile Cryostar cabinets include a minimum of five inches of CFC-free urethane insulation, insulated sub-lids, a keyed lid lock, a one-inch diameter access port and casters. Units are available in 10 and 7 cu.ft. capacities.
Keywords: refrigeration, equipment