Quanterix Corp, Lexington, Mass, has launched Simoa 2.0, the second generation of the company’s ultrasensitive immunoassay platform.

According to the company, beta customers who have already adopted Simoa 2.0 over the past few months, have reported improvements in assay robustness, overall performance, reliability, and ease of use.

Hardware improvements include a redesigned wash ring to prevent salt buildup, LED labeling above lanes, idle power management, and improved tubing routing to avoid wash-lift stalling. The platform also boasts 48 new, customer-driven features, such as blocking of sample processing if the database is at critical space level, a prompt for user status whenever a waste bin is removed, and the elimination of a restart requirement when switching between plate and rack modes.

During the new assay protocol, the same number of beads as in the Simoa 1.0 assay protocol are mixed directly with the sample, with no pelleting step, thereby reducing the risk of inadequate resuspension of beads.

For current customers, a simple upgrade procedure will be available free of charge. The upgrade will provide customers with access to numerous hardware and software advances and a comprehensive training program.

“We have experienced rapid adoption of Simoa since our launch last year and have listened carefully to our customers’ feedback on our ‘game changing’ fully automated, ultrasensitive protein detection platform,” says Kevin Hrusovsky, chief executive and executive chairman at Quanterix. “Based on feedback, we have made an unprecedented investment to further improve the platform, including increasing assay robustness, improving multiplex capabilities, reducing sample size, and enhancing overall usability of the technology.”

For more information, visit Quanterix.