Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has released a worldwide software upgrade (v6.0) for its ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System, a high-throughput benchtop analyzer for mid-volume laboratories. Now, a new system startup protocol helps shorten overall testing turnaround time by reducing the time to the first result (TTFR) by approximately two minutes.

Specifically, the new software cuts initiation time approximately in half, from about four minutes to now only about two minutes. While full initiation still occurs in certain situations (eg, upon new system start, after eight hours of operation), the shortened startup protocol is activated whenever a laboratory technician runs a new series of tests during a shift. The time savings enabled by the shortened startup protocol is especially important in STAT or critical situations. For example, if a troponin assay typically takes 15 minutes to run, with full initiation, the TTFR is approximately 19 minutes. However, with the new startup protocol, TTFR for the troponin assay is reduced to about 17 minutes. In life threatening situations, every minute counts.

Also with the upgrade, printed reports now include normal ranges to make results reporting faster and easier, as well as both the reagent and calibrator lot with each result for improved traceability. Additionally, the new software promotes more streamlined quality control (QC) methods. Data entry and the ability to process QC for multiple reagent packs of the same assay simplifies and ensures QC of all packs before they are in use, to avoid processing delays.

Source: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics