sl02.jpg (11785 bytes)The Bio-Ferrograph 2100 captures cells by using magnetic technology to move labeled cells from five separate samples to discrete areas of a glass slide for several applications.
     The instrument uses cell-capture cytometry to capture cells with 1 cell/million selectivity and sensitivity. Since only disposable cassettes and syringes contact the samples, it eliminates cross-contamination.
     The operator incubates each sample with an appropriate monoclonal antibody conjugated to submicron magnetic particles, then adds the samples to reservoirs on the instrument, selects a program and begins.
     The instrument, which features five 1-mL sample reservoirs, can process a 0.3-mL sample in each reservoir within 20 minutes. The selected cells are available on a glass slide for observation and the cells from five samples can be deposited simultaneously within bracketed areas on a single slide. Providing a short processing flow path, cells can be captured from whole blood samples without removing the red blood cells. Guilfoyle