Bar Harbor BioTechnology Inc (BHB), developer of genetic risk assessment testing, and Clinical Reference Laboratory Inc (CRL), provider of laboratory testing services in molecular diagnostics and clinical trials, have reached an agreement to work together in the development of new genetic diagnostic tests. The first project under the new agreement involves the continued development of BHB’s new genetic-based risk assessment test for colorectal cancer with clinical validation support provided by CRL’s CLIA-certified laboratory services. The new arrangement will give CRL and BHB the opportunity to combine BHB’s bioinformatics and qPCR assay development team with CRL’s extensive molecular lab testing experience to create new molecular diagnostic tests.

While further details of the tests remain undisclosed at this time, both companies indicate the agreement envisions future projects and the development of additional tests. "CRL is an ideal partner for our company as we continue to develop our risk assessment tests. Their CLIA-certified testing services accelerate our development plans by leveraging on their expertise and state of the art laboratory; we will get the results we need immediately," said Robert Phelps, CEO of BHB.

Heather Fehling, CRL’s Executive Director of Molecular Diagnostics sees the new relationship as one with tremendous potential. "BHB’s visionary approach to bioinformatics and assay development presents an exciting opportunity for the CRL team. BHB and CRL share a passion for finding new advances in molecular diagnostic testing that will serve patient s needs long into the future."