DxS Ltd and Epigenomics AG  announce that they have cross-licensed certain technologies enabling both companies to develop and commercialise in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products based on DNA methylation that utilise DxS’ proprietary Scorpions technology.

The cross-licensing follows a strategic agreement signed by both companies in January 2008. Under the terms of this agreement, Epigenomics had obtained worldwide non-exclusive rights to DxS’ Scorpions technology for R&D use and research kits, as well as an option to expand the license to the in vitro diagnostics field. In return, DxS received an option for a worldwide non-exclusive research and IVD license to certain Epigenomics IP covering the use of Scorpions technology for DNA methylation applications. Both companies have now executed their options as granted in last year’s agreement and have acquired the right to sub-license their respective licensed technologies.

Dr Stephen Little, CEO of DxS, explained the unique properties of DxS’ standalone technology: “Our Scorpions technology is ideally suited for IVD applications using real-time PCR instrumentation. “The probes are highly sensitive, sequence-specific molecules containing a PCR primer covalently linked to a probe. Scorpion probes can provide strong fluorescent signals, excellent sequence discrimination, short reaction times, and predictable probe design. We believe that this technology is ideal for DNA methylation-based IVD products, particularly in oncology.”

“With Scorpions technology we have complemented our broad technology portfolio for DNA methylation analysis. This expands our area of freedom to operate and give us maximum flexibility in the final product design and testing platforms for cancer molecular diagnostic products directly commercialised by ourselves as well as by our partners”, commented Geert Nygaard, Chief Executive Officer of Epigenomics.
Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Source: DxS Ltd and Epigenomics AG