Bar Coding Software

Labels samples, cases, plates, and inventories

Starfruit Technologies from Data Unlimited International Inc, Rockville, Md, enables clinicians to bar code samples, cases, plates, and inventories. Starfruit prints labels that withstand extreme cold temperatures and adhere to small, tight-diameter vials and tubes. Starfruit labels are alcohol-, DMSO-, and moisture-resistant as well. Starfruit organizes label printing in a flexible, configurable way that includes tissue culture, freezer stocks, DNA storage, and embryo storage, among others. Starfruit Technologies are intended for DNA diagnostic labs, genome centers, and cancer research centers. Uses include:

  • samples, biorepository, and billing databases;
  • mutation, variant, disease, genotype databases, and SNP databank;
  • instrument interface, bar code, electronic signature, and QA/QC; worksheet, workflow, inventory, and protocol, image;
  • epidemiological frequency, trend, geographical distribution, disease/disorder susceptibility, and reporting;
  • 21CFR11, CAP, CLIA, HIPAA.

Data Unlimited International Inc
(240) 631-7933

Cassette Printer

Small-footprint label printer

The PrintMate cassette printer from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Kalamazoo, Mich, features a small footprint, allowing it to easily fit at the grossing station and print cassettes as they are needed. Data is input to the printer via a LIS connection, keyboard, or by scanning a bar coded specimen container. The user is able to print cassettes for one case at a time, greatly reducing the chance of putting the specimen in the incorrect cassette. The PrintMate is also able to print a bar code on each cassette, which automates the patient-identification process in downstream processes, further reducing the potential for error.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
(800) 522-7270

Barcode Blood Band

Accommodates preprinted patient labels

The enhanced Barcode Blood Band from Typenex, Chicago, features a snap closure for ease of use, a larger font size to increase readability for nursing and blood bank staff, softer band material for patient comfort, and additional color on the band and stickers for easy recognition by hospital staff. The band also accommodates preprinted patient labels and has bar coded stickers for labeling paperwork, blood components, and additional draws. Additionally, the Barcode Blood Band is compatible with the Typenex R3 band, an accessory band that allows hospital staff to resize, relocate, and replace the bar code blood band on the patient when necessary. Use of the R3 band results in fewer unnecessary blood draws and a cost savings for facilities that reband patients due to either access issues in the operating room or patient discomfort from swelling or irritation. The Typenex Barcode Blood Band is available in red, green, yellow, blue, and orange.

(866) 897-3639

Slide Printer

Print slides for a single case

The SlideMate slide printer from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Kalamazoo, Mich, features a small footprint, which allows it to be positioned next to the microtome. Data is input to the printer via a LIS connection, keyboard, or by scanning a bar coded cassette. The user is able to print slides for a single case, just as they are needed, greatly reducing the chance for putting the specimen on the incorrect slide. The SlideMate is capable of printing a bar code on each slide, automating the patient identification process in downstream processes and reducing the potential for patient identification errors.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
(800) 522-7270

Bar Code Label Printer

Easy integration into a variety of printing applications

The direct thermal LP 2844 bar code label printer from Zebra Technologies Corp, Lincolnshire, Ill, is ideal for applications requiring a space-saving, desktop-size, 4.09”-inch(104-mm) printer. This user-friendly printer delivers optimal performance in today’s on-demand desktop labeling applications. The LP 2844 has a sturdy construction with a double-walled ABS casing. Standard features include: direct thermal print method, head-up sonro, 203-dpi resolution, 256K RAM, and a print speed of 4 inches (102 mm) per second. The LP 2844 integrates easily into a variety of printing applications, including shipping and receiving, inventory control, health care and medical laboratories, transportation and logistics, and e-commerce postage. Serial, parallel, and USB interfaces make this flexible, reliable, and affordable printer a smart investment.

Zebra Technologies Corp
(847) 634-6700

Bar Coding Software

Enterprise architecture enables central management, administration

The Robar Enterprise Label Management System from Innovatum Inc, Sugar Hill, Ga, is a complete bar code and RFID label design, review, approval, printing, and data-management system built explicitly for the needs of FDA-regulated pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology manufacturers. Robar manages the entire label life-cycle—from initial design and review to obsolescence—with comprehensive security and audit logs for compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and equivalent regulations. Its XML interface ensures seamless integration with virtually any ERP, PLM, or similar enterprise system. Robar’s enterprise architecture enables central management and administration of labeling personnel and SOPs at any number of sites across the WAN, regardless of physical location. In short, Robar provide simplicity, security, and compliance for labeling in FDA-regulated manufacturing environments.

Innovatum Inc
(877) 277-3016