Roche, Basel, Switzerland, and Qualcomm Life Inc, San Diego, have entered into a strategic collaboration to improve remote monitoring and management of chronic disease patients. Together, the companies aim to advance chronic care management using connected therapy to further improve therapy quality, increase convenience, and drive patient engagement in managing their health.

Roche will utilize Qualcomm Life’s 2net platform to seamlessly and securely capture data from a patient’s medical devices, beginning with anticoagulation meters, and transmit it to Roche’s cloud-based back-end services. The 2net platform is a secure wireless solution that provides a simple and efficient way to exchange relevant health information between chronic disease patients and their care team or clinic, in order to enable reduced therapy complications and total cost of care.

As healthcare systems and providers are facing continual pressure to deliver improved quality of care at a lower cost, patient satisfaction is becoming more important than ever. Connected chronic care management and remote management solutions can enhance patient care, enabling providers to asynchronously communicate with their patients in a high-tech, high-touch model that minimizes the risk of errors in results reporting.


Jeremy Moss, Roche Professional Diagnostics

While many remote patient monitoring and management solutions today require patients to communicate results to their healthcare professionals using manual, time-consuming, and non-digitized channels, Qualcomm Life and Roche are working together to deliver an improved process for sharing health information between healthcare providers and their patients.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Roche, as we launch a new generation of point-of-care solutions that enable healthcare professionals to better keep in touch remotely with patients, whenever and wherever they are,” says Jeremy Moss, senior vice president for point of care at Roche Professional Diagnostics. “By combining Qualcomm Life’s leadership in powering connected health solutions with our point-of-care expertise, we are taking an important step forward to realize our connected care strategy; ultimately enabling physicians to improve the overall quality of life for patients.”


Rick Valencia, Qualcomm Life

“We are thrilled to be working with a global industry leader in diagnostics and excited by the positive impact our collaboration with Roche can have on patient empowerment at the point of care,” says Rick Valencia, senior vice president and general manager for Qualcomm Life. “Together, Roche and Qualcomm Life are committed to providing tools to patients and their physicians and caregivers that empower greater coordination to improve patient health.”

Roche is a leader in in vitro diagnostics and tissue-based cancer diagnostics, and a frontrunner in diabetes management. The company’s personalized healthcare strategy aims at providing medicines and diagnostics that enable tangible improvements in the health, quality of life and survival of patients. For more information, visit Roche.