Streck Inc, Omaha, Neb, and Biodesix, Boulder, Colo, have signed an agreement to make Streck the exclusive supplier of DNA and RNA tubes for Biodesix. The partnership enables Biodesix to utilize Streck’s technology, including its blood collection tubes, as part of Biodesix products and services.

Streck’s portfolio includes the cell-free DNA BCT, a direct-draw tube that stabilizes nucleated blood cells and prevents the release of genomic DNA, allowing isolation of high-quality cell-free DNA. The company also offers the cell-free RNA BCT, a blood collection tube with a patented preservative that stabilizes circulating RNA in plasma and prevents the release of non-target background RNA from blood cells during sample processing and storage.

“Biodesix will include Streck’s blood collection tubes with GeneStrat, a targeted liquid biopsy mutation test for patients with advanced lung cancer, run in our CLIA-certified laboratory,” says Gary Pestano, PhD, vice president of product development and operations for Biodesix. “We selected Streck tubes because they effectively stabilize the circulating DNA and RNA in patient samples, allowing for convenient sample collection and shipment without the need for immediate plasma isolation.”

Connie Ryan, Streck.

Connie Ryan, Streck.

“Biodesix is developing new blood tests for their CLIA laboratory to identify patients who may benefit from targeted and immunotherapies,” says Connie Ryan, president and CEO at Streck. “We are pleased to partner with a company that is changing the standard of care by providing physicians with diagnostic tests for better therapeutic guidance and enhanced disease monitoring to improve patient outcomes.”

For more information, visit Biodesix or Streck.