To help in combating the spread of the novel coronavirus SARS CoV-2, Swedish medical products manufacturer BactiGuard has announced that it will donate infection prevention products valued at more than 2 million SEK to Chinese hospitals.

“To help fight the new coronavirus and protect the most severely ill patients, we will donate products from Bactiguard’s and Vigilenz’s combined product portfolios to China,” says Stefan Grass, chief medical officer and deputy CEO of Bactiguard.

Bactiguard develops and provides infection prevention solutions that reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections. In viral infections, the body’s immune system is under stress, which increases the risk of secondary bacterial infections. Bactiguard’s unique coating prevents bacteria and other microbes from adhering to the surface of, for example, catheters, which reduces the risk of biofilm formation that lead to infections.

“Hydrocyn aqua is a water-based product that kills bacteria, fungi, and virus within seconds without damaging or irritating the body,” says Grass. “In the past, it has proven to have a powerful effect on earlier versions of the coronavirus and can thus be very useful for prevention of both the general public and healthcare professionals.”

For further information, visit Bactiguard.