Plainview, NY-based Acupath Laboratories, announced it will meet covid-19 PCR in-lab turnaround time (TAT) of 24 hours or less for all electronically ordering direct bill customers, or the test fee will be waived. This includes employers, school districts, the sports/entertainment industries, and others where testing is required. As testing remains necessary and becomes even more important as officials continue easing restrictions and businesses reopen, it’s critical that organizations have easy access to accurate testing and the ability to receive results quickly.

Because the need for speed is so important, Acupath is specifically focusing its efforts on employers and school districts located in the tri-state area, where it can directly courier samples into its lab within a few hours of collection. The lost day needed to overnight samples to a lab hundreds of miles away negates much of the advantage of PCR testing’s superiority over rapid antigen testing. For those that desire even faster result speed, Acupath will also offer a guaranteed next morning or it’s free TAT option.

“The real issue in the marketplace is time,” says Jeff Boschwitz, PhD, general manager, Covid-19 testing, Acupath Laboratories. “It’s well-known that PCR testing has far fewer false negative results than the 15-minute rapid antigen test; however the lag in receiving PCR results can offset this advantage and rush testing fees are often exorbitant. Acupath’s commitment to give direct bill clients’ results in 24 hours or less with no rush fee, or it’s free, is a game changer for those whose path to reopening depends on having the highest quality, most sensitive testing option available at the lowest possible cost.”

Acupath’s traditional business is in cancer diagnostics, but two months into the pandemic, the lab launched its FDA emergency use authorization (EUA)-authorized covid-19 real-time PCR assay. Lab leadership knew the shift was important to support its clients who required covid-19 test results for their employees as well as to screen patients in advance of elective surgery.

“At Acupath, we pride ourselves on the quality of our results and the relationships with our customers,” says John Cucci, chief sales officer. “Our lab staff has truly gone above and beyond over the last 10 months to ensure we could continue meeting our clients’ needs as they shifted due to the pandemic. As a local business located in the heart of Long Island, it was important to us that we help meet the demand for testing capabilities in the tristate area and we will continue to do so until we are on the other side of this pandemic.”

Acupath’s client roster quickly evolved from its existing physician customer base to include many sectors, including nursing homes, home health providers, urgent care facilities, TV/film production, and others requiring rapid turn-around time PCR testing.

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