BioIQ, an analytics-driven population health and testing platform company for U.S. companies, health plans, and government agencies, has been approved by the Japanese government to facilitate COVID-19 testing for athletes and staff entering Japan for the Tokyo Olympics. BioIQ is currently working with a leading U.S. news and entertainment company to test personnel who are traveling to and working in Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Olympics. The 2020 games were rescheduled for July 23 through August 8, 2021, after being postponed last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

BioIQ’s ongoing efforts to support employee COVID-19 testing for safe workforce re-entry on behalf of the entertainment company recently expanded to include testing of key personnel traveling to Japan for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Saliva-based RT-PCR tests and molecular tests are being used at on-site testing events at the company’s headquarters and at regional personnel locations worldwide. Thousands of employees will be tested multiple times and must provide negative COVID-19 test results before boarding planes to travel to Japan. 

“The existing employee testing protocol we have in place enabled us to quickly ramp up efforts to support Tokyo 2020 COVID-19 testing requirements,” said BioIQ founder, president, and COO Justin Bellante. “Heightened awareness of new strains, including the Delta variant, led to the recent decision to bar spectators from the event to reduce the threat of exposure. Our goal is to provide clients, employees, and other companies with a high degree of confidence that their workers will be safe, whether they’re covering the 2020 Olympics in Japan or returning to work here in the U.S.”