Cue Health, a healthcare technology provider in at-home and point-of-care diagnostic innovations, announced a collaboration with Pfizer to raise awareness among individuals with certain underlying conditions about the risks of progressing to severe COVID and the importance of seeking treatment if they test positive.

Through Cue Care, Cue’s same-day, at-home, test-to-treatment platform, individuals will be able to use the Cue Health App to access educational resources like those available on Pfizer’s website, including information on risk factors for progression to severe illness from COVID-19, including hospitalization or death, according to the company.

“The recent guidance from the CDC underscores the continued importance of testing even when symptoms are mild, timely access to healthcare providers, and, where appropriate, treatment for those most vulnerable to the COVID-19 variants in circulation,” says David Tsay, MD, PhD, chief medical officer at Cue Health. “Cue’s platform offers people support for each of those critical needs and is now integrating educational resources into Cue Care as part of this collaboration with Pfizer. Together, this actionable health information will help individuals make more informed decisions that can lead to better health outcomes.”

This COVID collaboration with Pfizer builds on recent initiatives launched by Cue to rapidly connect at-risk individuals with providers for care and, where appropriate, treatment.

“Connected health solutions like the Cue platform offer potential for faster and more convenient access to care. Our collaboration provides an opportunity to improve the test-to-treatment experience for patients and communities at high risk, which includes people 50 years of age and older,” says JoyL Silva, Global and U.S. Antiviral Franchise Lead, Pfizer.

While these educational resources are specific to COVID-19 today, the Cue platform is designed to support a wide range of diagnostic test-to-treatment areas, and the company says it plans to make educational resources about treatment and recovery available for other respiratory viruses and sexual health conditions in the future.

Last month, Cue announced a partnership with Scripps Research Translational Institute to launch ImmunoCARE, a remote trial utilizing Cue’s test-to-treatment platform, aimed at reducing hospitalizations and other severe outcomes in immunocompromised people infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Further, in December, Cue announced it was selected by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to provide a statewide COVID-19 telehealth to treatment program at no cost to Minnesota residents, powered by Cue Care.

Cue’s COVID-19 test delivers results in 20 minutes to connected mobile devices. It detects all known COVID-19 variants of concern in people with or without symptoms. Cue is used in homes, in point-of-care settings, and by world-class organizations across the country, including Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Google, and the National Basketball Association, among many others.

An independent study by Mayo Clinic, released in 2021, found Cue’s COVID-19 test showed 97.8% concordance with central lab PCR tests.

Photo: Cue Health