DetectaChem and its subsidiary MD-Bio, the global leaders in innovative threat detection solutions used extensively by the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Homeland Security, law enforcement, first responder and public health agencies around the world, today announce the launch of their COVID K9 screening and training program.

As the world begins to get back to normal, COVID-19 screening is more important than ever. MD-Bio COVID K9s provide a game-changing solution for the accurate, non-intrusive and immediate detection of COVID-19. COVID K9s are able to be deployed at events, businesses, schools and more to help people safely return to normal. Not only can the K9s detect the virus on individuals, but they offer the only solution to pre-screen areas by detecting COVID-19 on surfaces.

“We live in a world where COVID-19 is always going to be a concern,” says DetectaChem and MD-Bio COO, Travis Kisner. “The COVID K9s help us bridge that gap between getting back to normal and making sure that we are prioritizing our health and safety when we gather.”

There is significant precedent for canines being able to detect biological targets such as certain cancers and Parkinson’s Disease. With senses of smell up to 10,000 times better than humans, MD-Bio COVID K9s are trained to sniff for the unique volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that an active COVID-19 infection produces in humans that is emitted through sweat, saliva and breath.

In a series of blind studies, the COVID K9s detection on humans matched 98% to RT-PCR results. In certain instances, the K9s accurately detected COVID-19 infections backed by RT-PCR results when antigen tests provided a false negative. The MD-Bio K9s have been successfully utilized at the U.S. border, state health agencies, schools, hospitals, events, businesses and more.

MD-Bio COVID K9s are available for purchase and rental now.

Featured Image: MD-Bio COVID K9s are specially trained to sniff for COVID-19 on people and surfaces, enabling the quick screening of large events, schools, businesses and more. Photo: MD-Bio