COVID-19 rapid test provider GS Labs performed more than 49,000 rapid antigen tests for the first week of 2022, an increase of 65% as compared to Thanksgiving week 2021.

Tests administered by GS Labs identified more than 13,000 patients who were currently positive for COVID-19. For the week, GS Labs rapid antigen tests had a 26% positivity rate, up from 22% the previous week and was only 8% during Thanksgiving week.

“With the Omicron variant still on the rise and infection numbers continuing to soar, we intend to be there for the communities we serve by doing what we can to increase testing capacity,” says Darin Jackson, MD, medical director, GS Labs. “Even as home rapid tests are virtually impossible to find, we do have open appointments for those in need of this critical medical information.”

GS Labs continues to have testing capacity at its testing sites in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon, and Washington. Each site can currently handle up to 1,000 rapid tests each day. Rapid antigen test results are typically available on the same day.

GS Labs has a publicly listed cash price of $179 for a rapid diagnostic test, though most individuals should expect that their insurance will pay for testing as required by law. However, GS Labs does not take all insurances.

“As the need for testing has become increasingly vital once again, we continue to do everything we can to help Americans who need critical healthcare information,” says Jackson. “We see this as a form of community service as much as anything and we will continue to do what we can to get testing to communities in need.”

Featured image: GS Labs continues to experience a sustained surge in testing at its 21 locations in seven states nationwide; the company’s antigen testing volume was 65% higher during the first week of the year as compared to Thanksgiving week 2021. Photo: GS Labs