Ordrs, a Houston-based health technology company, announced a partnership with Palo Alto, Calif.-based Labalytics to extend a powerful population health lab testing platform that will give employers and schools valuable insight for COVID-19 testing and beyond.

“The COVID-19 pandemic had revealed the importance of providing patients rapid access to quality, convenient testing,” says Erik Ibarra, CEO of Ordrs. “We are continuing that mission with this partnership that will allow customers the easiest, most comprehensive platform for COVID-19 testing.”

The partnership combines Ordrs’ technology platform that streamlines lab test authorization, purchasing, and access to results with Labalytics’ platform that provides testing workflow management, 50-state compliant testing reporting, and in-depth analytics for workforce screening and population management.

According to the companies, this unified platform makes it turnkey for employers, schools, and other customers to enable a complete COVID-19 testing, screening, and monitoring program within weeks that includes easy ordering, physician authorization, test insights, and population management. The solution leverages the deep compliance and regulatory experience of each organization to address regulatory compliance requirements, consumer privacy, and security, while complying with HHS and CDC reporting requirements for COVID-19 lab testing.

“We are excited about this partnership and bringing a comprehensive COVID-19 testing and population management solution to employers and schools,” says Farshid Sedghi, chief operating officer of Labalytics. “Combating this world pandemic demands innovation, cooperation and a relentless pursuit of simple testing access and monitoring for patients. Together with Ordrs, we bring a broad set of differentiated capabilities which will drastically improve the end-to-end testing experience.”

While the partnership initially includes COVID-19 testing, the combined platform can be utilized for any lab tests.