PeploBio and IncellDX are launching a laboratory-developed test in the United Kingdom and EU to help diagnose Long COVID, aimed to provide accurate insights into personalized treatment approaches using the incellKINE Long Hauler Index technology.

“Our collaboration with PeploBio marks a pivotal moment in the battle against Long COVID. The incellKINE Long Hauler Index technology enables us to identify a distinctive immunologic profile unique to Long COVID patients, providing a crucial first step for personalised treatment strategies,” says Bruce Patterson, MD, founder and CEO at IncellDX. 

Impact of Long COVID

Long COVID affects more than 65 million worldwide. The typical symptoms of Long COVID, ranging from fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath, insomnia, to a spectrum of cardiovascular issues, are not exclusive to any single condition. This technological breakthrough aims to provide physicians with a definitive tool to differentiate Long COVID from other diseases sharing similar symptoms such as Lyme and ME-CFS.  

“Our mission at PeploBio is to drive innovation in diagnostics, and our partnership with IncellDX underscores our commitment to advancing healthcare solutions,” says Nico Lambri, PhD, MBA, managing director at PeploBio. “The introduction of this test fills a critical gap, empowering healthcare professionals with the tools needed to address the challenges posed by Long COVID.”

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