PCR Biosystems, London, is continuing to scale up operations to ensure that the critical enzyme mix for covid-19 tests remains available to the United Kingdom and global healthcare systems as demand for testing rises. To meet current and upcoming requirements and ensure supply chain security, PCR Biosystems has already significantly increased—and will continue to increase—manufacture of its qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Go and all other critical reagents for rapid and sensitive RT-qPCR.

PCR Biosystems has the capacity to manufacture enough reagent daily for 4 million reactions—which is sufficient for millions of diagnostic tests.

Recent changes at PCR Biosystems include implementing shift-based working for production, assembly, and order fulfillment, with three separate teams working 7 days a week. In addition, two commercial teams have been fully trained in reserve to provide operational support if required. The company is working closely with customers, partners, and suppliers, and is ready to implement further contingency plans if necessary to ensure uninterrupted supply of PCR reagents to customers around the world.

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