The new STA Workcell Max from Diagnostica Stago, Parsippany, NJ, is a specimen processing platform designed to meet the rigorous requirements of hemostasis testing. With a loading capacity of 300 specimens at a time, the STA Workcell Max automatically loads and balances centrifuge buckets while it uses the centrifuge to prepare platelet-poor plasma specimens based on hemostasis-specific criteria. Intelligent rack preparation enables optimized routing to the designated STA R Max analyzer.

Specimens are held in up to four Stago STA R Max systems until results are validated, thus ensuring rapid availability in the case of additional or reflex testing. Racks are automatically unloaded from the instrument and held in the output module. By automating front-end specimen processing, rack preparation, and specimen routing, the STA Workcell Max enables allocation of skilled laboratory technologists for other, more-complex, value-added tasks.

The STA Coag Expert data-management platform powering the STA Workcell Max automation line transforms lab QC and patient results into robust, traceable, actionable clinical insights. STA Coag Expert delivers full traceability—from operator activity to reagent and consumable lot identification—for each data point. In addition, MyExpertQC, a real-time peer comparison program, enables the platform to automatically upload QC results. An upcoming suite of digital services for STA Coag Expert will include remote instrument monitoring and instrument alerts that reduce turnaround time and increase system efficiency.

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