The Qlicksmart blade removal system from Mopec, Oak Park, Mich, is a medical safety device specially designed, engineered, and manufactured to comply with recently revised bloodborne pathogens standards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Qlicksmart supports single-handed removal and immediate containment of contaminated scalpel blades in order to reduce the risk and cost of injury to the user. Available as a counter, cart, or wall mount, Qlicksmart requires users to place the scalpel into the slot, listen for a click, and withdraw the handle. The blade is securely contained inside the sealed, spill-proof, and puncture-resistant container. Offering storage for 100 blades, the system features a built-in counter that displays its remaining capacity, and an automatic shut-off that prevents overfilling. For more information, visit Mopec.