The Diagnostics Division of Bayer HealthCare LLC has launched the ADVIA® 2120 hematology system. The system features fully automated testing capability for some of the most labor-intensive blood tests, including cerebral spinal fluid analysis, which has increased due to the onset of the West Nile virus; reticulocytes for monitoring anemia; and the commonly requested complete blood count.

“The ADVIA 2120 was designed to reduce manual test procedures, patient sample size, and costly repeats, while maximizing laboratory resources and minimizing workspace. Innovations, such as internal verification on every sample, by comparing the results using two different methodologies, ensures laboratorians’ confidence in test results. Such features provide unique quality control not seen in other routine hematology analyzers—aiding the physician in diagnosis and treatment of various hematological disorders, such as leukemia, platelet anomalies, and red cell abnormalities,” says Hans Hiller, PhD, head of Bayer Diagnostics, Professional Testing Systems.

Additional process efficiencies are realized through integration with both the ADVIA CentraLink®, which provides laboratory network solutions, and with the ADVIA® Autoslide® later this year, expanding Bayer’s practical automation solution for hematology. Optional MultiSpecies software, which is currently in development, will also be available on the ADVIA 2120 to expand laboratory testing to the veterinary and research laboratories.

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