The Harris® Custom™ SLT -85°C ultralow temperature freezer enables facilities to store more inventory without using additional floor space. Incorporating advanced thin-wall super insulation to maximize internal volume, the 24.4 cubic foot freezer holds 21% more inventory than equivalent-size upright freezers. The unit features 30 inventory racks for 2- or 3-inch box accommodations, providing storage capacity for as many as 48,000 sample vials. Five inner doors operate independently to protect samples from ambient thermal exposure. The Custom SLT freezer is fitted with an innovative pressure equalization port for easy door opening.
     The freezer’s microprocessor control system features touch-pad data entry and digital display of all functions. Setpoint security is provided by a key-operated, triple-position master switch, and the adjustable high/low temperature alarm incorporates battery backup for full alarm function in the event of power failure. Air-cooled cascade refrigeration and industrial-grade compressors ensure reliable refrigeration performance with a built-in voltage boost system to extend compressor life by maintaining adequate power during peak demand periods.

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