Air Science_Purair 5_500The Purair 5 ductless fume hood from Air Science, Fort Myers, Fla, features a high level of operator protection for environments where routine work is carried out. A face velocity of 100 fpm ensures containment of fumes and particulates for operator protection, while an alarm alerts the operator when airflow falls to an unacceptable level. All mechanisms in the head section are located on the clean side of the filter, with the switches and electrical components isolated from contamination. The ductless design eliminates installation costs and allows the unit to be positioned over a sink or benchtop apparatus. The unit operates at a low noise level and recirculates air, preventing expulsion of air-conditioned or heated air into the atmosphere. The hood is available in three models, with widths of 24, 36, and 48 inches. For more information, visit Air Science.