Biochrom Ltd, a scientific instruments manufacturer, and Gilson, a fluidics, purification, and sample management provider that includes Gilson International BV and Gilson UK, have announced a deal to co-market and distribute products for automation of ELISAs and absorbance assays in Europe. Together, Biochrom’s EZ Read microplate readers and Gilson’s liquid handling systems can automate absorbance assays, including ELISA, total protein, and cell viability.

“Gilson is a leader in liquid handling systems, and we are delighted to be combining the heritage and expertise of both companies to co-sell our product ranges,” said Tristana von Will, global product marketing manager at Biochrom. “Researchers and technicians will be very familiar with both the Biochrom and Gilson brands, but together we can further streamline experimental workflows for our customers.”

“The Biochrom range of EZ Read microplate readers fits very well with our range of liquid handling products, either for those customers who require manual or electronic multichannel pipettes from the Pipetman range or for those customers that would like to automate their lab work flows,” said Ronan Herry, European marketing director at Gilson International BV. “The Gilson Pipetmax comes at a size and price that is accessible to any lab and takes away the stress and strain of manual pipetting for ELISA and Bradford type assays while improving reproducibility. Adding the Biochrom range now enables Gilson to offer a complete applications solution for our customers.”

For more information, visit Biochrom and Gilson.