Nonacus, Birmingham, UK, has launched ExomeCG, a clinically enhanced exome capture kit to simplify the generation and interpretation of molecular and cytogenomic data.

ExomeCG enables the genomics community to perform and targeted copy number analysis in a single assay. The clinically validated test replaces the need for chromosomal microarray and multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification tests, saving time and costs while achieving high diagnostic yields.

Photo SaleChris_highres_crop640x640p

Chris Sale, Nonacus.

“The current cytogenomics paradigm typically requires a multitest strategy whereby chromosomal microarrays are first run achieving a modest 15% diagnostic yield,” says Chris Sale, CEO of Nonacus. “Subsequently, exome sequencing is undertaken in order to raise the diagnostic yield to around 40%.”

ExomeCG was codeveloped with Congenica, Cambridge, UK, which specializes in software solutions that enable accelerated interpretation of complex genomic data to improve disease diagnosis. The Congenica clinical decision support platform allows fast and accurate interpretation of next-generation sequencing data.

“The launch of ExomeCG enables us to deliver a comprehensive clinical bioinformatics service to our customers and advance clinical cytogenomics by providing a robust, cost-effective, and user-friendly laboratory and analysis workflow,” says Sale. “ExomeCG now offers a validated single-test solution, enabling customers to obtain the highest diagnostic yield while removing additional workflows and the associated time and costs.”

For further information, visit Nonacus.