Microbiome DX company Genetic Analysis AS completed the development and CE-marking of the GA-map Dysbiosis Test for the Luminex MAGPIX multiplexing platform.

The MAGPIX instrument is part of Luminex’s xMAP suite of instruments and enables up to 50 plex using MagPlex Microspheres.

This will complement Genetic Analysis’s current offering on the Luminex LX200 instrument, and Genetic Analysis now has the potential to offer its GA-map platform also to the thousands of diagnostics labs globally that are running MAGPIX instruments.

”With this news we can now offer our GA-map on an additional Luminex instrument platform, the MAGPIX system. This further strengthens our commercial reach and enables GA to capitalize on all labs that already has the MAGPIX system installed, but also give us an opportunity to offer a less costly option for customers that install the system for GA-map testing only. This is in line with the Company’s expansion strategy,” says Ronny Hermansen, CEO of Genetic Analysis.

The human microbiome market is accelerating both in terms of evidence-based research and pharma products launched. The market’s need for a clinical validated microbiome test is growing within the market.

Featured image: The MAGPIX multiplexing platform is part of Luminex’s xMAP suite of instruments. Photo: Luminex.