Gradientech, Uppsala, Sweden, has closed a fully subscribed rights issue totaling $4.6 million. Existing owners and new parties appointed by Erik Penser Bank AB subscribed to the issue.

Gradientech is a biotech and diagnostic company focusing on innovative microfluidic product development. The company provides systems for high-quality analysis of cell behavior in response to gradients of biomolecules, and is currently developing QuickMIC, a precision system for ultrarapid antibiotic susceptibility testing. QuickMIC is designed to offer personalized treatment options for sepsis patients, thereby contributing to increased survival, reduced healthcare costs, and lower antibiotic resistance.


Sara Thorslund, PhD, Gradientech.

“We have now successfully completed Gradientech’s largest rights issue, which provides capital for continued development and early market introduction of our QuickMIC diagnostic system,” says Sara Thorslund, PhD, CEO of Gradientech. “Our system is significantly faster than existing laboratory techniques for antibiotic resistance testing of samples from sepsis patients. This is critically important for the sepsis patient, and also advantageous for the healthcare economy, since the length of stay in hospital can be reduced. The implementation of our QuickMIC system can also reduce improper use of antibiotics, which is very important to combat the global increase in antibiotic resistance.”

New shareowners include a significant number of individuals with solid industrial experience from the diagnostics field, and also people experienced specifically within the area of antibiotic susceptibility testing.

“We are particularly pleased that, in addition to new investment capital, people with very relevant business backgrounds and important networks have joined the ownership structure,” adds Thorslund. “I believe this will benefit the company’s development strongly going forward.”

For further information, visit Gradientech.

Featured image: Gradientech QuickMIC instrument and two cassettes.