For a limited time, DWK Life Sciences, Millville, NJ, is discounting its portfolio of volumetric glassware for precise laboratory measurement of standards, dilutions, and mixtures.

Kimble Class A heavy-duty wide-mouth volumetric flasks meet industry-accredited standards for accuracy, allowing users to prepare calibration standards, dilutions, and other laboratory solutions with full confidence. The flasks are calibrated to Class A specifications according to the Standard Specification for Laboratory Glass Volumetric Flasks (ASTM E288-10 (2017).

Although tolerance ranges typically vary depending on volume, the tolerance margin for Kimble 5 mL to 50 mL flasks is ±0.08 mL. Kimble certified Class A flasks are marked with serial numbers, either individually or for each batch, and furnished with a certificate of calibration or certificate of accuracy for laboratories that routinely track and replace glassware or that require a higher level of traceability.

Kimble Class A volumetric flasks are made from 33 expansion low-extractable borosilicate glass, conforming to USP Type 1 requirements. Each flask has easy-to-read markings for the calibration line, overall capacity, usage temperature, and whether it has been calibrated to contain or to deliver.

“We developed heavy-duty wide-mouth volumetric flasks to meet the need for a larger opening in high-precision glass labware, and then we joined with ASTM to modify the standard for the new quality criteria,” says Rick Schwartz, senior vice president for marketing and sales at DWK Life Sciences. “As the market leader for volumetric laboratory glassware, we have worked with ASTM International to define measurement standards for nearly a century.”

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