Xifin Inc, San Diego, has debuted a new version of its cloud-based collaboration and clinical data management system, Xifin ProNet.

The updated system enables the exchange and management of key healthcare images, data, and reports to aggregate patient and diagnostic information; optimize collaborative workflows across and among enterprises; and facilitate peer and case review, quality assurance, consultation, and treatment planning.

Lâle White, MBA, Xifin.

Lâle White, MBA, Xifin.

“The newly expanded Xifin ProNet is designed to enable a more efficient and collaborative diagnostic process and workflow to ensure better health outcomes at lower cost,” says Lâle White, MBA, CEO of Xifin. “Integrating data and diagnostics across multiple systems and sources ultimately drives value; patient-centered care through a connected, better-informed care team; and improved diagnostic accuracy.”

The system has the ability to aggregate and link patient and diagnostic information from iterative case reviews, such as a tumor board, in an encounter-based record for ongoing collaboration and treatment planning. It can also correlate results between disciplines to address areas of discordance to improve diagnosis, treatment, and patient outcomes. Furthermore, it can access comprehensive continuity-of-care documents with integrated radiology and pathology images for improved collaboration and patient engagement.

The system integrates with Xifin LIS Anywhere, a cloud-based anatomic pathology and molecular diagnostics laboratory information system. The network aims to continue providing a forum for the world’s pathologists to share cases, facilitate secondary consultations, and expand professional relationships regardless of location, institution, or digital pathology scanning and viewing technology.

The ProNet platform will also feature two new partner apps. QualityStar’s anatomic pathology case review service facilitates the confidential, HIPAA-compliant, and secure exchange of cases for quality assurance review. Additionally, Mikroscan’s real-time microscopy solutions further help pathologists communicate with other providers, anywhere in the world without the limitation of physical glass slides.

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