Mass Frontier 6.0

Comprehensive mass spectrometry software

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc recently debuted its Mass Frontier™ 6.0, a new software package offering sophisticated features for the management, evaluation, and interpretation of mass spectra, applicable to small-molecule structural elucidation in a wide range of applications, including metabolite identification and impurity analysis in drug discovery and toxicology studies. The newest version offers a comprehensive platform to determine structure, properties, and class membership of small molecules as well as new tools for processing and organizing mass spectral and chromatographic data. Also included is Fragmentation Library™, which contains fragmentation mechanisms for small molecules. Each mechanism, along with the chemical structures, is manually and automatically verified and saved in the library along with complementary information such as the title, authors, and source of the information.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Lab outreach software

CSS Inc, Linwood, NJ, has launched an enhanced version of its WebResultsView™ lab outreach software, which allows labs to receive test results using nothing more than a Web browser and export an HL7 file for import into its EMR system as well. The product is part of a suite of software components designed to offer independent reference laboratories cost effective, fully integrated, end-to-end, single vendor automation of every aspect of their operations. Labs can use the software to place orders, print bar codes, and obtain ABNs with nothing more than a browser and Internet access and then receive their results and download them into their EMR in the same way.

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