January 4, 2007

In order to include the extended product offerings from Chemicon, Upstate, and Celliance in its OEM Membrane and Media group, Millipore has announced that it is forming a Diagnostics strategic business unit that will develop, market, and sell materials to diagnostic manufacturers.

The three businesses were part of Serologicals until the acquisition by Millipore in July 2006. Chemicon and Upstate offer 23 years of experience in reagent production and a selection of over 4,000 hybridoma cell lines in house. Celliance contributes its Bioscot blood typing monoclonal antibodies in various forms from standard intermediates.

Millipore’s Diagnostics SBU will continue offering existing OEM products as well as chromatography media products. The refocus and addition of Chemicon, Upstate, and Celliance should allow for more comprehensive capabilities and services offered by the company.