Gen5CL Data-Collection and Analysis Software

PC-based interface

BioTek Instruments Inc, Winooski, Vt, introduces Gen5™CL data-collection and analysis software, a new tool for clinical labs using ELx800 and ELx808 microplate readers. The software combines the security of preprogrammed clinical diagnostic assays with the convenience of a PC-based application. The PC-based interface offers data analysis and output options. Previously programmed assays can be selected from the database and executed through the software interface, allowing transition from onboard programming to PC-driven data collection. Custom protocols can be created and stored from the open-protocol interface, and multiple-user levels can be assigned with customizable permissions for increased security. Data views can be customized to show preferred data sets from one plate or multiple plates in an experiment, and an optional QC Trending Module using Levy-Jennings plots is available for assay and control-performance visibility. The software can be upgraded, and it meets the requirements of 21CFR Part 11 and the European Directive 98/79/EC.

BioTek Instruments Inc
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SMS integration with pharmaceutical systems

Exco InTouch, United Kingdom, introduces ATLAS™, which provides secure short message service (SMS) integration with pharmaceutical and health care systems such as EDC and CTMS. The regulatory-compliant enterprise system sends SMS messages to mobile phones across the globe in a variety of languages. The system processes more than 50 messages per second, and can deliver to more than 600 mobile phone operators in more than 200 countries. Alerts are delivered promptly to recipients’ mobile phones. SMS applications can be built and run on the proprietary system. The processes are guided by security, change control, and design and development policies to meet regulatory requirements governing the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Phone numbers and messages are encrypted at the database level within ATLAS, and the system addresses FDA and HIPAA regulations. The system offers a complete audit trail and tracks all changes made to the database.

Exco InTouch
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