Symyx Technologies Inc announces the signing of a partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. The partnership will focus on delivering to scientists improved workflows meeting their experiment documentation, decision support, and laboratory information management system (LIMS) needs.

Symyx and Thermo Fisher Scientific will work closely to integrate applications, and Thermo Fisher will market and sell Symyx Notebook and Symyx Isentris® decision support software with Thermo Scientific industry-leading LIMS across the world.

The two companies will work collaboratively to provide tight areas of integration. The initial focus of the relationship will be to deliver much requested integration between Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS™ and Symyx Notebook systems. The solution will be designed to accelerate the design, execution, analysis, and documentation of biological and bioanalytical workflows. By sharing sample lists, results, and reports, the comprehensive solution will reduce manual transcription and data manipulation that can result in costly, time-consuming processes, laboratory errors, and regulatory compliance issues.

Subsequent program phases will integrate Symyx Notebook with other Thermo Scientific LIMS designed to enhance workflow automation for other industrial sectors such as oil and gas, chemicals, energy, environmental, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical.

“Integration of Symyx Notebook and Isentris with the laboratory automation solutions from Thermo Fisher Scientific will enable us to revolutionize the ways in which people work in the lab,” said Dr Trevor Heritage, president of Symyx Software. “The ability to record and execute experimental protocols, capture results, access and analyze data, build reports and collaborate with colleagues seamlessly will be a big win for scientists. This agreement enables us to realize the true potential of the electronic laboratory notebook—moving away from paper-based systems and manual integration, to fully electronic, automated laboratory workflows.”

“We are excited to be working with Symyx,” said David Champagne, vice president and general manager of informatics at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The informatics landscape is expanding and our customers have been asking for a comprehensive electronic laboratory notebook. Symyx’s enterprise solution and willingness to partner made them a natural choice to meet this need. The Isentris decision support platform delivers additional value by enabling scientists to access data captured in their Thermo Scientific LIMS, Symyx Notebook, and other systems—driving better informed decisions.”

Symyx Notebook accelerates productivity, improves collaboration, and lowers costs by replacing multiple discipline-specific electronic lab notebooks with a single, multi-discipline application that is deployable across the enterprise.

The Symyx Isentris data access, analysis, and decision support system drives better collaboration, faster decisions, and more innovative R&D by enabling scientists to leverage corporate, commercial, and local database information in an integrated, self-service research environment. 

Source: Symyx Technologies Inc