EL406 1536-Well Microplate Washer Dispenser

Combines washing and three reagent dispensers

BioTek Instruments, Winooski, Vt, introduces the EL406™ 1536-well Microplate Washer Dispenser, which offers fast and efficient microplate washing and reagent dispensing in 1,536-well microplates, along with 384-well and 96-well formats for increased versatility. The device combines microplate washing and up to three reagent dispensers, eliminating the need to maintain separate instruments for each assay wash and reagent dispense step. The EL406 is self-maintained, using integrated and patent-pending Ultrasonic Advantage™ to reduce or eliminate clogged manifold tubes—the largest contributor to assay failure. A valve-switching module automates reagent switching of up to four different buffers.

BioTek Instruments
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Elix Advantage

Water purification system

Millipore Corp, Billerica, Mass, presents the new Elix® Advantage water purification system, which provides high-quality pure water that comes straight from the tap. The modular, easily adaptable system can be either bench-integrated or wall-installed. The system’s E-POD® water dispenser unit enables pressurized, pure water dispensing. As many as three E-POD units per system can be connected for manual and volumetric dispensing at flow rates of up to 2 L per minute. A range of point-of-use filters exists to adapt the E-POD units for use with specific applications. The Elix Advantage system is designed to meet or exceed requirements as described by ISO® 3696 (Grade 2 water) and ASTM® D1193 (Type II resistivity and TOC Table I specifications).

Millipore Corp
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SPRI-TE Nucleic Acid Extractor

Strong binding and reproducible results

Beckman Coulter Inc, Fullerton, Calif, introduces the SPRI-TE™ Nucleic Acid Extractor for the automated purification of DNA and RNA. The system prepares between one and 10 samples in about 30 minutes and requires minimal user training. Prepackaged, ready-to-use extraction kits are available for preparing genomic DNA, viral or formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) nucleic acid samples. SPRI-TE incorporates the company’s proprietary SPRI® (solid phase reversible immobilization) technology, which extracts the nucleic acids without centrifugation or vacuum manifold. The SPRI technology helps ensure strong binding and high-quality purification.

Beckman Coulter Inc
(714) 993-5321

DS2 ELISA Processing System

Computer-controlled microplate processing system

Inverness Medical, Princeton, NJ, a member of the Inverness Medical Innovations group, offers the DS2™ ELISA processing system manufactured by Dynex Technologies. The computer-controlled microplate processing system fully automates the sample-distribution, reagent-addition, incubation, washing, and detection steps of microplate ELISA assays. Designed with full walkaway capability, the system processes two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously, and features user-friendly control systems, chain of custody, and instrument diagnostics. It is useful for most ELISA applications, from clinical diagnostics such as autoimmune and infectious disease, to food safety and drugs-of-abuse testing. Combined with the company’s ELISA product line and the ability to automate enteric assays and front-end dilute Inverness AtheNA assays, the system provides an open, fully automated solution.

Inverness Medical
(609) 627-8081

Downflow Workstations

Alarm signals unsafe airflow

The New DWS range of Downflow Workstations from Air Science USA, Fort Myers, Fla, gives the operator safety where routine work is being carried out. These units operate at low noise levels and do not exhaust expensive conditioned and/or heated air into the atmosphere. The workstations have been specifically designed to provide a small bench-mounted unit with unrestricted access for those operations that are difficult to perform in a conventional fume hood. To provide additional protection, the downflow action takes the contaminated air away from the operator, and an alarm will sound when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level. The main filter can be chosen from 14 different types of carbon, which include speciality media for vapors of organics, solvents, acids, mercury, and formaldehyde.

Air Science USA
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Microplate stackers

BioTek Instruments, Winooski, Vt, introduces its BioStack™ Microplate Stacker with Rotational Wrist. This new stacker is designed for enhanced flexibility, customizable automation, and broad compatibility in microplate-based applications. The BioStack’s integrated rotational wrist accommodates instrument carriers with both landscape and portrait orientations, enabling the instrument’s keypad and display to remain positioned for unimpaired access. This feature provides greater compatibility with the company’s other products as well as third-party microplate instruments. New 50-microplate storage stacks or the originally designed 30-microplate stacks may be selected to accommodate individual throughput needs. An optional bar code scanner is also available.

BioTek Instruments
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For routine HIV/AIDS monitoring

The BD FACSCanto™ II flow cytometry system from BD Biosciences, Franklin Lakes, NJ, offers clinical laboratories an FDA-cleared cell analyzer for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use. This new benchtop analyzer supports the first six-color flow cytometry IVD application for routine HIV/AIDS monitoring using a highly efficient one-tube test. The system offers a range of turnkey IVD applications, as well as the flexibility and performance required for complex life science and clinical research applications, such as an optional eight-color configuration. It also assists laboratories in achieving data quickly and efficiently, offering users high-fluorescence sensitivity, industry-leading low sample carryover of less than 0.1% between tests, and processing speeds of up to 10,000 events per second.

BD Biosciences
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