Health Discovery Corp (HDC) announces that it has entered into an agreement with Abbott to commercialize HDC’s new molecular diagnostics gene-based tests for clinically significant prostate cancer.

Abbott has acquired co-exclusive clinical laboratory rights and exclusive in vitro diagnostic rights for commercialization of HDC’s tissue-based prostate cancer test as well as HDC’s urine-based prostate cancer test.

“We are very pleased to partner with Abbott on commercialization of these exciting new molecular diagnostic tests for prostate cancer,” said Stephen D. Barnhill, MD, Chairman and CEO of Health Discovery Corporation. “Abbott is an innovative leader in the fast paced, high growth medical technology space serving customers around the world.”

Savannah, Ga, based Health Discovery Corp is positioned in the field of pattern recognition technology. Through the application of its patent protected technology, HDC is a leader in SVM-based molecular diagnostic and prognostic test development in genomics and proteomics, as well as, digital image analysis in pathology and radiology.