photoThe Dynex DSX ELISA System is a fully automated four-plate microplate processor that can be installed in less than an hour. Its Windows-based Revelation software and Workload Wizard simplify programming assay configurations, assay runs and data reduction.
     The system’s modular design enables the reader, washer, incubators (up to four), barcode reader, ambient drawer and electronics service pod to be installed and removed, allowing easy upgrades and repair.
     To support walk-away automation, its learned-error recovery software can be trained to perform appropriate corrective actions if an error occurs.
     The pipetting system enables fluid level sensing, tip detection, tip ejection and clot detection. The plate washer’s Super-Sweep aspiration leaves minimal residual volume in the wells. Available pre-programmed with all of this company’s autoimmune ELISA assays, the open system allows for the use of other manufacturers’ assays with space for 98 sample tubes, 24 reagents, 33 standards and controls and four wash bottles.
     Multiple assays may be performed concurrently. Continuous plate and sample loading hastens throughput.
The Binding Site
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