The Lambda 576 laser marker from AFYS3G, Lelystad, the Netherlands, engraves markings of any logo, text, sample identification, or shape directly onto the surface of each sample tube, eliminating the need for ink, labels, or stickers. Accommodating a variety of tube sizes and brands, the automated system can hold up to six racks, with sample storage tubes in ANSI/SLAS format.

Lambda 576

The Lambda 576 laser marker from AFYS3G.

The markings resist chemicals and mechanical abrasion, and can withstand temperatures of 100º C to –196º C, ensuring sample traceability.The markings cannot be separated from labware and can never wear off.

The Lambda 576 system uses a gripper to select a tube from the rack while a camera in the system detects the laser-friendly part of the tube. The gripper then aims this section of the tube toward the laser for etching. The system’s software enables users to create custom markings that can be engraved on nontransparent areas of a sample storage tube so that the markings can be read regardless of the type or color of the sample. The Lambda 576 can be used with tubes from suppliers such as Brooks, Greiner, LVL, and Micronic.

For more information, visit AFYS3G.