A Minnesota-based company with a truly global focus, Microbiologics, St Cloud, helps perfect and protect the products we trust most: the medical diagnostics that protect our health, the drugs we depend on, the foods we eat. Today, the company whose biological products set industry standards for quality and performance is taking new steps to make sure the world knows its name, beginning with a new brand identity.
The new brand identity reflects the commitment to growth through relentless R&D, as well as the acquisitions of Michigan-based Micromyx in 2019, California-based Virapur in 2017, and Kentucky-based Gibson Bioscience in 2008. These locations will operate under the Microbiologics name and brand identity.

Microbiologics CEO Brad Goskowicz says that the new brand will be rolled out throughout 2020 through the company’s website and marketing communications, as well as at each of its four locations.

For further information, visit Microbiologics.