productCD-Chex CD34 is now available in two levels; normal and high. The most recent CAP Flow Cytometry Checklist (FLO.23800) requires at least two levels of positive cellular controls to be analyzed daily to verify all aspects of the flow cytometer. CD-Chex CD34 Normal has 0.03% – 0.05% CD positive cells: this level is found in normal peripheral blood. CD-Chex CD34 High has 0.3% – 0.5% CD positive cells: this level is found in mobilized peripheral blood.
     CD-Chex CD34 is designed to perform like samples containing CD34 positive cells having characteristics similar to progenitor cells. This includes low side scatter properties, CD34 expression and low expression of CD45 as compared to lymphocytes.
    CD-Chex CD34 has 30 day open-vial and 90 day closed-vial stability. The controls may be purchased in a single level or two-level combination sets.
Keywords: flow cytometry, QC