Roche, Basel, Switzerland, has launched the first two Navify clinical decision support applications: Navify Clinical Trial Match and Navify Publication Search. The apps are intended to help oncology care teams access relevant clinical trial information and publications more effectively.

Finding the most relevant, up-to-date clinical trials and literature is a cumbersome and labor-intensive process. The newly launched apps facilitate this process, and are available as part of Roche’s Navify Tumor Board software solution.

  • The Navify Clinical Trial Match app identifies clinical trial options based on patient-specific attributes such as age, gender, biomarkers, and various tumor information. Matches are sought in 11 international clinical trial registries, including the US site at, the German clinical trials registry (DRKS), and the European Union’s clinical trials registry (EUCTR).
  • The Navify Publication Search app mines publication sources for the most recent clinically and therapeutically relevant literature. Sources include the American Association of Central Cancer Registries, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and PubMed.
Photo SchwanSeverin_2

Severin Schwan, Roche.

The content of both apps is compiled by MolecularMatch Inc, Houston, a clinical informatics company with expertise in precision oncology, immunotherapy, and bioinformatics. Launch of the apps marks the beginning of the Navify digital ecosystem. New apps from Roche, its partners, and third parties will follow to expand the clinical decision support functionalities of the Navify solution.

“With our leading portfolio covering diagnostics, therapies, and data, Roche is uniquely positioned to actively shape the digitalization of healthcare,” says Severin Schwan, CEO of Roche. “With innovative solutions such as the Navify clinical decision support apps, we move one step closer to offering more personalized care across the patient journey, from diagnosis to therapy decision, treatment, and medical monitoring.”

The Navify decision support portfolio helps multidisciplinary care teams navigate the increasing complexity of medical information by transforming large amounts of data into actionable insights. The portfolio’s first commercially available product launched in 2017: Navify Tumor Board, a cloud-based software solution that fundamentally changes the way oncology care teams prepare for, conduct, and document clinical treatment decisions. The portfolio is continuously evolving to include additional decision support solutions.

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