BBI Solutions (BBI), Cardiff, UK, has added more than 80 new antibodies to its growing product portfolio, as well as custom antibody development services, following the acquisition of Maine Biotechnology Services (MBS), Portland, Maine.

BBI provides clinical chemistry enzymes and human antibodies, antigens, plasma, and serum products to the in vitro diagnostics market. With its acquisition of MBS, the company has strengthened its antibody offering, providing a comprehensive portfolio and custom services to deliver a total reagent solution for immunoassay development.

The additional antibodies now available for sampling through BBI are established, well-supported antibodies that appear in more than 50 FDA-approved kits. The expansion includes antibodies to cardiac, hormone, infectious disease, inflammation, immunoglobulin, and assay control targets.

Notable new infectious disease markers include adenovirus, chikungunya, H. pylori, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and rotavirus, as well as a comprehensive panel of monoclonal antibodies specific for norovirus. With seven norovirus antibodies in all, one of the most popular is an antibody specific for GII.4 strains, including the most clinically common GII.4 2012 Sydney strain, which also functions in surrogate neutralization assays. Additional antibody specificities include an antibody specific for the less dominant GI strains, one antibody reactive with both GI and GII genogroups, and numerous antibodies that recognize the GII strains exclusively. Multiple matched-pair recommendations are available for the panel, saving evaluation time and money.

“The acquisition of MBS gives us an opportunity to significantly grow our portfolio of antibodies to a wide variety of targets, while still maintaining the performance and quality standards our customers expect from us,” says James Steggles, PhD, commercial manager for antibodies at BBI.

In addition to the new reagents, BBI can now provide extensive support in antibody characterization and performance. The MBS technical team brings 27 years of experience in hybridoma and assay development, and is ready to assist customers in sampling the right antibodies for any application.

“We are also very pleased to now have in-house hybridoma development capabilities that will allow us to continue growing our offering with novel antibodies, directly in response to customer needs,” says Steggles.

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