Summary: Labconco has introduced the Lyph-Seal Tray Dryer, a solution that enhances the freeze-drying process by accommodating a wider variety of large and irregularly shaped samples across multiple industries.


  1. Versatility in Sample Preservation: The Lyph-Seal Tray Dryer allows for the preservation of large volumes and uniquely shaped samples, such as those in drug development and materials science, which traditional freeze dryers cannot accommodate.
  2. Enhanced Protection and Shelf Life: By using flexible zipper-sealed containers that conform to sample shapes and create a vapor barrier, the Lyph-Seal significantly extends the shelf life of samples by effectively blocking humidity.
  3. Integration and Control: The tray dryer is compatible with Lyo-Works OS, ensuring it can seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, while independent heat control for each shelf maintains the quality and integrity of each sample.

Labconco Corporation announced the launch of the Lyph-Seal Tray Dryer,  is a solution that expands the variety of samples that can be freeze dried and sealed under vacuum. It is capable of preserving an expansive range of samples that can often be found in materials science, clinical diagnostics, cosmetics, agriculture, and more.

The Lyph-Seal Tray Dryer

Unlike traditional methods that limit sample size and shape, the Lyph-Seal accommodates large volumes, irregularly shaped samples, and individually packaged items. The flexible zipper-sealed containers conform to the shape of your samples, creating a vapor barrier that blocks humidity and dramatically extends sample shelf life.

“The Lyph-Seal is not just about enhancing the freeze drying process – it’s about empowering scientists to push the boundaries of what’s possible in their research, ” says Labconco Product Manager for Freeze Dryer Products Zack Zakibe. “With this new accessory, researchers can preserve larger, more complex samples with unprecedented ease, opening up new avenues in drug development, materials science and beyond.”

Maintain Sample Integrity

The Lyph-Seal Tray Dryer is compatible with Lyo-Works OS to ensure seamless integration into your existing workflow. With independent heat control monitoring for each shelf, you can maintain the quality and integrity of every sample.

Photo: Labconco