Micronic launched its first high speed camera-based rack reader, for fast and precise rack reading: the Micronic Rack Reader DR900, which features the company’s Micronic Code Reader Software. 

Optimized for rapid and accurate sample identification, the DR900 high speed reader can read and decode a whole rack of 2D Data-Matrix codes in three seconds. The new DR900 is compatible with most brands of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes whether they are in a 139-, 96-, 48-, or 24-well format. Its small benchtop footprint makes the DR900 an efficient, space saving option for organizing laboratory sample inventory.

The DR900 comes with a build-in USB cable, to connect the device to a PC or laptop, which allows users to read racks right away. Additionally, the CSV-file output enables users to smoothly integrate the Micronic Code Reader Software into their laboratory information management system (LIMS) and enhance the sample storage and retrieval process in any research laboratory. The rack reader comes with a five-year warranty to help minimize its cost of ownership.

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1D Rack Barcode Reader

The Micronic Side Barcode Reader for the DR900 line can be attached to three sides of the Rack Reader DR900 and can decode a 1D rack barcode in less than a second. Compatible with ANSI / SLAS format 1D barcoded racks, the side scanner eliminates the need to manually enter the barcode into the software, saving time for the user and minimizing potential identification errors, according to Micronic.

Featured image: The Micronic Rack Reader DR900. Photo: Micronic